While a chameleon changes to fit into its environment, we change your environment to fit you!

Travelling, learning, creating, ever further... even better
a natural drive, an attraction to all that is beautiful
craft ...
skill ...
Japanese devotion and precision
Moresque geometry
Scandinavian function
Mediterranean colours
Indian materials, patterns, colours and smells
textures from the whole world
transliterated to our environment
our well of inspiration is bottomless!

We carefully select all attractive, high-quality products and materials for your interior. But our greatest passion at Kameleon Interiors is harmonising and balancing all these influences to create timeless refinement.

Kameleon Products
  • Kameleon is distributor of :
  • UHPC Concrete
  • Béton Ciré Pro
  • Tadelakt
  • Mali
  • Ardex
  • Japanese spatulas & other tools
  • Handmade, customised woolen CARPETS

Trainingcenter Kameleon
Workshops & Internships for :

  • Béton Ciré - Mortex
  • Tadelakt
  • Mali
  • Preparation of different surfaces for seamless products
  • Customised Intership Programm

Qualified Artisans by Kameleon
If you need a qualified artisan for your project, do not hesitate to contact us. We make you an offer without engagement and we can help you find a the right artisan in your region. Kameleon only works with artisans formed and qualified by ourselves !

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