WAXED CONCRETE, a very versatile product

Looking around us, it's clear that concrete is part and parcel of the urban environment. Concrete has been an essential construction material for a long time, but nowadays the general public also appreciates its aesthetic qualities.

A few years ago Kameleon travelled south to France, where waxed cement has been very popular for interior and exterior applications for more than a decade, due to its unique composition and great versatility.

The product is a complete package: primers for every type of surface, the mortar itself and various finishing layers for every type of space and function. The extensive range of applications means that waxed concrete is exceptionally well suited to use in renovation work.

After drying and finishing the cement mortar is as tough as stone and shock-resistant. As a waterproof material waxed concrete is eminently suitable for use in wet spaces like saunas, steam baths and bathrooms.

The cement is coloured by pigments all the way through, so that no colour discrepancies will be visible in the event of damage.

We can redesign open fires, staircases, bathrooms, kitchens, saunas or steam baths to order. Waxed concrete allows everything to be integrated into one and the same product, including walls, cupboards, washbasins and bath. That's because waxed concrete can be applied to numerous surfaces. It can also be applied to floors without a problem. Interior and exterior uses are possible.

If your bathroom or kitchen could do with a facelift but you don't want to pull up the floor, the paste can directly be applied on top of your existing floor or tiles.

Waxed concrete may well be our most versatile product.

Kameleon Interiors is the exclusive distributor in Belgium of all Decomat Pro products, including waxed concrete.

Fill out our contact sheet to ask about our prices without obligation or request further information on waxed concrete and all other Decomat Pro products (http://www.decomatpro.com).

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