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It's impossible to imagine design and contemporary architecture without ultra-high performance concrete.

Over many years, KAMELEON has built expertise in the installation of waxed concrete floors, kitchens, bathrooms and more. But we also continue to look for the latest, most innovative materials.

Recently we discovered a new type of concrete known as UHPC Concrete.

It has organic fibres reinforced and treated in a clearly defined process to produce a concrete that not only weighs less but also feels much softer.

The minerals are combined in a striking way during treatment, producing a concrete with extremely high resistance and a life comparable to that of natural stone.

Let's run through the five primary characteristics of this new high-tech concrete:

1. Compression force:
4 to 8 times greater than that of conventional concrete, which makes it possible to build complex architecture with reduced thicknesses to create extremely light-weight structures.

2. Light and elastic:
This product's flexural strength is eight times greater than that of conventional concrete, which ensures a really fantastic product. With this high-tech concrete, architects and interior designers can fulfil even their wildest dreams!

3. Low porosity:
This ensures an outstanding seal, making the concrete resistant to freeze and thaw cycles, and able to withstand exposure to sea air.

4. Fireproof and inflammable

5. Highly durable:
A heavy-duty material with excellent resistance to impacts and wear, and a guaranteed life of at least 50 years.

The high-tech concrete can be cast in any 3D mould and produced in various colours and textures. It is also perfectly suited to the production of floor and wall tiles in various shapes and sizes (up to large) for use inside or outside, including on your patio.

See the photo for selected applications. We can make a personalised design for you or we can use your own design. We will examine the options and make you a quotation without obligation.

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