Limewashing, an age-old painting technique

Limewashing is an old-age painting technique in which a block brush is used to apply a lime-solution (the limewash) to the wall. Farmers used to limewash their stalls every year to disinfect the walls and protect against damp. As the years went by, the limewash became several millimetres thick.

The current generation of limewashes have better qualities and are more attractive. Kameleon uses a 100% ecological plaster that is applied directly onto the outside wall in a single layer a few millimetres thick.

The basis for our limewash is hydraulic lime and volcanic stone, which produces a very durable bond. It is permeable and has a moisture-regulating effect. As a result, it takes on a darker hue when it rains and a lighter hue when it's dry.

A few years weathering produces colour differences that only improve the overall effect. Limewash also gives your walls good protection in all weathers. It is often used in exterior wall renovations. However, our reference photos confirm that limewash is also well suited to new build and modern applications.

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