UHPC Concrete


Beton Ciré

1. UHPC Concrete, concrete in its lightest form.

Ultra high performance fibre reinforced concrete... UHPC Concrete. Its specific characteristics mean that UHPC Concrete is eminently suited to moulding tiles, tabletops, kitchen worktops and other work surfaces and objects. UHPC Concrete has a very wide range of applications and can be used to personalise any project. By adding pigments, granulates or other treatments you can always adapt UHPC Concrete to your needs while ensuring the highest quality.

2. CAPTIVATED personalised tabletops

CAPTIVATED is a process developed by Kameleon to bind all sorts of fabric. The process is primarily used to manufacture boarding material for kitchen worktops, tabletops, cupboard doors, drawer fronts and more. The right fabric is available for every project. It is poured into a specially selected resin in three to seven layers, depending on the fabric thickness. After treatment CAPTIVATED provides a very high-performance water-resistant plating material that does not stain and is able to withstand impacts. As a consequence, it can be used in innumerable ways to personalise any project.


BéTON CIRé (waxed concrete) is a high-performance cement/lime mortar that can be used on any foundation. That means it is ideal for kitchen worktops, tabletops, sinks, basins, furniture and more. We work in a seven-layer system for the treatment of worktops and tabletops, and this exceptional handiwork produces an outstanding, refined texture. The finish with three special coatings makes the impact-resistant mortar into a surface that is not only beautiful but also stainless and easy to clean. In the right colour and design BéTON CIRé turns your interior into a work of art.

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