TADELAKT, if you're seduced by magic, allow yourself the luxury!

The origins of tadelakt go back a thousand years. The technique was used by various early civilisations, but the word itself comes from the Arabic verb 'dlek', which means 'massage'. Its increasing popularity in the west is due to the irresistibility of enchanting surfaces, the unique beauty and the wide range of forms and colour variations available.

Tadelakt is an air-permeable plaster with legendary water resistance. As such, it is well suited to use in wet spaces, like bathrooms, showers, saunas and steam baths. Tadelakt is used for walls, bathtubs, shower cubicles and washbasins. Its smoothness comes from black soap and beeswax, which contribute to its water resistance and attractive lustre with cracked look.

The raw material of tadelakt is 100% ecological: pure hydraulic lime, which is typically ground fine and mixed with natural mineral pigments. Water is added to the paste, which is then applied in two layers before being polished with a stone. The quality of the bond with the wall depends on the preparation and the skill of the craftsman.

Tadelakt used to be restricted to bathrooms, but nowadays it is also used to add warmth and sensuality to living rooms. If you're seduced by magic, allow yourself the luxury!

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