Kameleon has commissioned a traditionally woven carpet in Morocco made from very high-grade wool from New Zeeland sheep.

The wool is 'warm washed' after spinning and before weaving to produce a very durable product. This process is known as fulling. The traditional hand-weave technique also produces extra strong carpets that are easy to clean.

The carpets are woven on thin cotton warp in white or black and are available in all sizes up to 500 cm, depending on the structure.

KAMELEON STRUCTURE CARPETS come in 11 different structures and 30 different colours.

We have also developed a STRIPE collection, so you can combine different colours in your carpet and even combine different structures.

The interior photos show only our STRIPE CARPETS and STRUCTURES MIX CARPETS. We have put together seven patterns for the STRIPE CARPETS and six patterns for the STRUCTURES MIX CARPETS.

If you desire, we can also put together your personal STRIPE STRUCTURES MIX CARPET. Why not schedule a visit to see and discuss the various structures, colours and possibilities. This is completely free of obligation.

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